Dinner Plain Victoria, the Ideal Destination for You

April 2nd, 2014

You can be yearning to go on vacation and looking for the ideal destination for this trip. There are many places you can go to, but if you haven’t visited Dinner Plain, this is the ideal place for you to visit. If you love the mountains and outdoors, this is the ideal place for you. If you are in peace with hiking, bush walking, mountaineering, mountain biking, or enjoy horseback riding, this is the place for you. Dinner Plain is located in Victoria, about 375 kilometers from Melbourne, a tourist destination high up in the mountains, but with many lodges and tourist accommodations where you can live in comfort. You can enjoy all these activities in summer while in winter, you can also enjoy skiing and there is a ski tow for use. For your everyday needs, you can also have these from a supermarket located in the place, and this is open the year round.

This is a place ideal also for the adventurous people because they can go to a 4 X 4 trail where they can have all out fun. Accommodations are cheap and they can choose on accommodations for family or the executive type. There are also other activities for large groups like when having corporate retreats or other company activities. Bed and Breakfast accommodations are available, making your trip vacation very memorable. This can also be the location venue for a memorable wedding, and this can happen. It will also be the nice place for the honeymoon that follows.

All Year Round Tourist Destination at Dinner Plain, Victoria

March 27th, 2014

Dinner Plain is a tourist destination in the mountains of Victoria, Australia. It is located several hundreds of kilometers from Melbourne, but has attracted tourists all year round. It is a town with only a small population but here you can find hundreds of lodges and chalets for the accommodation of tourists. In this popular tourist destination one can have several kinds of activities, ranging from the usual summer activities of horse back riding, mountain biking, or trekking, to skiing during winter. While there are several nice accommodations, there are also several pubs for taking lunch or dinner, and there is also a supermarket, for other needs of tourists. One can definitely have a good time vacationing in this nice all year round tourist destination.

People having Dinner Plain as their vacation destination will experience the hospitability of people here because it is their culture and tradition. It is said that the place was where mountain cattlemen stop to have their midday dinner and have their cattle rest and graze also, thus the name Dinner Plain. These days, the place is a popular destination for tourists, backpackers, and just any traveler, and where they can find apartments, cottages, lodges, or Bed and Breakfast, for their place of accommodation. They can also opt for a Villa or farm stay, or whatever they want.

For their accommodations, they can have the cheap options or they can have the family holiday options, if they are in large groups. It is not only vacation one can have in Dinner Plain, but there can also be corporate retreats in the area, wedding venues or even the honeymoon held in this nice tourist destination.

The Beauty of Dinner Plain, Victoria

March 20th, 2014

Dinner Plain is a resort town in Australia. It is located in Victoria, Australia, hundreds of kilometers from Melbourne, but with several lodges and other resort places that are frequently visited by many tourists, foreign and local. Tourists visit the place year round, and many activities are also offered. Skiing is also offered, aside from the regular horse riding activities, mountain biking, or simply bush walking. The population of the place is small, but there are several lodges and other accommodation places, that people will find very comfortable and will have their activities an enjoyable one. There are also several local pubs offering food for lunch or dinner and there are even the spas and beauty centers newly opened.

Skiing can be done during winter, but the other activities can be done year round. Tourists can enjoy horseback riding and mountain biking and feel the breeze all around. People can have their enjoyable time in this beautiful resort place high up in the mountain. Aside from the ski and spa that they will enjoy, they can have also a choice of the 4×4 trails, if they are the adventurous types. This place can be the great family holiday resort for everybody.

People can be in small family groups or large groups and there are accommodations for them in the place. There are national parks where they can enjoy nature, or they can go mountain biking, and have their most enjoyable moments in this place. Weddings or romantic honeymoons can also be done and enjoyed in this beautiful resort place.

Dinner Plain, Victoria

March 14th, 2014

Holiday or weekend getaway trips are a perfect way to spend quality time with friends, families or loved ones. It is a good idea to find a nice location and get reservations at an earlier date to avoid hassle and have little to no worries about the trip. Tourist destinations should also offer year round accommodations while having a wide range of activities for the whole family. Dinner Plain in Victoria is a perfect place to visit.

Dinner Plain has a slew of summer activities that they can offer to their guests. This ranges from bush walking, horse riding, mountain biking, tennis and more. The atmosphere and environment is refreshing and cool making it perfect for outdoor activities. Trail rides are also offered with the help of an experienced rider and a qualified trail guide and instructor ensuring safety and protection. They also offer help for beginners giving tips and advice on how to ride a steed.

The fun doesn’t stop during the winter because there are several winter activities available at Dinner Plain. Skiing, sled rides, and snowmobiles are available for quick trips that offer an exhilarating and fast travels. Snow sled dog tours are also offered that is great for couples, children and families.

Enjoy the rest of the day at Dinner Plain with their spa and bar. The night experience becomes much complete after a good massage and dinner. Get merchandise and souvenirs at their gift shops and share them to your friends as you tell them about your fun weekend.

Dinner Plain, Victoria

March 7th, 2014

A weekend getaway is a perfect time to visit and discover new destinations along with friends or loved ones. Dinner Plain, Victoria in Australia has become a quite popular tourist destination with their all year round of activities.

During the winter, people can enjoy snow related activities at their ski resort. This is a great opportunity for skiers to improve their skills and enjoy the whole skiing activity. They also offer ski lessons for newcomers and experienced people alike.

The fun does not end during the winter season since there are still a lot more to do during the spring. Bush walking, horse riding, mountain biking and tennis are a few of their many activities. This is the perfect place to unwind and get away from all of the noise coming from the busy and crowded streets of the city. The mountains and long hikes offer a breath of fresh air and scenery that tourists will surely enjoy.

By the end of the day, people with tired and weary muscles will take pleasure in their newly opened spa and beauty center, offering a relaxing and natural way to remove stress and invigorate the body. This is a good way to recuperate and recover strength to prepare one for the upcoming activities ahead.

A weekend getaway may not be enough for tourists to thoroughly enjoy their vacation at Dinner Plain, Victoria making them want more. This is not much of a problem since their year round activities make visiting at any given time convenient and fun.

Dinner Plain, Australia

November 5th, 2012

Dinner Plain Australia is a different kind of experience for people in as much as it is like a special Alpine Holiday, being in a high altitude village. This can be the perfect holiday for you and can be available year round, and the perfect place for vacationers being located high up in the mountains. There are 300 private chalets available for guests, and there are bars, cafes, and restaurants that are open year round. Relaxing by the fireside can be a great experience, including exploring the bush tracks and trails, while also enjoying mountain biking during the winter months of the year.

Vacationing in Dinner Plain Australia can be the different and special vacationing experience where you can take some time out and have the adventure that you want. Vacationing in this place will be less of a hassle because you will have a village guide and map information and getting lost will be impossible. Experience the flora and fauna of the place and you will really find great enjoyment. The flora and fauna in the Alpine environment can be a great experience because one can find unique species in the place. Last time I was vacationing there I remember meeting a man who was suffering from scoliosis he was thankful that there are still treatments for the illness.

Because the Dinner Plain village is surrounded by the Alpine National Park, environment protection is a high priority in the place. The natural environment of the place is very well protected that if you are a nature lover, this place can be the perfect place for you. Abundant snow and challenging terrain are found in the place, making it a great place for sports and nature lovers.

What Ski Resorts Contribute to Environmental Awareness

May 12th, 2012

An article entitled Ski Resorts Lauded for Environmental Efforts discusses how ski resorts are honored for their environmental efforts. Three skiing areas in the United States were given the 2012 Golden Eagle Awards for Environmental Excellence.

Ski resort, Mountain-Ski-Lift Ski-Resort 95174

Ski resort, Mountain-Ski-Lift Ski-Resort 95174—Public Domain Photos (Flickr.com)

What exactly can ski resorts contribute as far as environmental health is concerned? For starters, they can use energy-efficient transportation systems such as ski lifts, pictured at left. Even with the volume of ski fans and vacationers, ski resorts can keep carbon footprint to a minimum by practicing sound eco-friendly ways to move people from one location to another.

There’s also the heating system expected of any ski resort. Big fireplaces and electric heaters are part and parcel of any winter lodging, but that can greatly contribute to carbon dioxide production. What smart ski resorts do is invest in a wood pellet heating system which drastically reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Renewable energy sources such as wind mills can also be part of the lay-out of a ski resort. Wind power can also significantly cut down carbon emissions and keep the mountain air pure and fresh, as it should be. Energy conservation efforts must be done where they are applicable, from food served up, to electricity sources.

The great thing about ski resorts is how they take advantage of piles of snow for people to enjoy, instead of leveling mountains of earth or cementing a hectare of land just for “amusement”. The joy of skiing is that you are up against nature yet still working with her, not against her. Ski slopes are usually untouched save for a few markers here and there, and the occasional pole for lifts. And the lodges are usually made of pine or whatever wood is readily available on the mountains. Everything is exhilarating while on a ski resort, because everything is like a homage to nature.

Even lakes that are frozen over do not use any artificial machinations to provide a fun ice skating experience, as they just allow nature to take its course unlike fake indoor skating rinks. There is no need for air conditioning as the weather is always nippy and cool, and the air is always fresh and sweet-smelling, thanks to trees and the pure, unpolluted air.

The food is also not likely to spoil easily given the cold air. This means less need for refrigeration, which also contributes significantly to carbon dioxide emissions. We were watching a video from web design los angeles firm regarding the potential for smart phones to monitor and track pollutants in the air with plug able sensors. The idea of smart monitoring devices to help us understand in realtime what the air is like BEFORE we go out to ski is a wonderful idea. We can have many skiers using these sensor technologies to monitor and transmit this data back to our smart app.

There is a lot of potential for environmental awareness and contribution when you have a vacation at a ski resort even if they are not readily apparent. It is one of the most nature-friendly breaks you can have with your family and friends, and it’s also one of the most exhilarating and exciting, compared to synthetic forms of amusement that can also wreak havoc on the environment.

Some Activities We’d Love to Have at Dinner Plain

May 8th, 2012
Ice skating on Lake Chelan

Ice skating on Lake Chelan—UW Digital Collections (Flickr.com)

The beauty of Dinner Plain transcends all seasons. It provides an idyllic setting for families, lovers, friends, and even company outings to enjoy exhilarating sun, snow, sky, and mountains all in one location.

We’ve already discussed the fun things which this Australian ski resort can offer, but we’d also love to see and be able to do a couple more things at Dinner Plain to make our stay even more enjoyable.

Ice skating is one of them! A frozen lake is a time-honored place to court, bond over, and practice balancing on ice skates. A lake or even a small pond on Dinner Plain, when frozen over entirely, can enhance the experience for its guests during the winter season.

Then there are the bonfires. Camping during the chilly months can be extra-fun with a bonfire night, where marshmallows and things on sticks can be toasted while campfire stories and songs are told and sung around it. A lit fireplace in a lodge is very cozy and romantic, but sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of being outdoors at night and being warmed by a blazing fire while with a group of friends or family.

There’s already a Santa Claus at Dinner Plain, who does a wonderful job of keeping kids happy at Christmas time. But a Christmas carnival would be extra-nice for everyone who is staying at Dinner Plain during this amazing time of the year. A carousel, a small theater to stage Christmas plays and ballets on (The Nutcracker would be lovely), taffy stalls, booths you can play small games in, and other trimmings of a Winter Carnival with a decidedly Christmas theme would enhance a vacation at a ski resort.

Keene Winter Carnival Keene NH in 1940

Keene Winter Carnival Keene NH in 1940—Keene and Cheshire County NH H… (Flickr.com)

While we’re at it, a winter fashion show, pageant, or costume contest could provide a more festive atmosphere. It can also provide a good bonding experience for guests who normally would not interact with each other beyond the usual polite greetings, some people can really share like alignments and struggles of health and other issues. There can be themes for every year: classic Christmas story characters, Christmas food and treats (gingerbread man costumes!), cartoons, and just about everything and anything which can keep the spirit of the season alive and flowing.

And one last thing? A planting campaign. Dinner Plain is beautiful because it is relatively untouched, and it uses existing resources to provide a memorable ski resort vacation to its guests. It did not feel the need to uproot trees and desecrate the landscape just to provide amenities for vacationers. To give back, guests can participate in an earth day awareness program where they can plant trees and flowers, learn how to dispose of waste properly, and just basically give back to Mother Nature.

Romantic Date Suggestions at Dinner Plain

May 3rd, 2012
Romantic ski, a romantic sunset lift

Romantic ski, a romantic sunset lift—Jesslee Cuizon (Flickr.com)

In past blog posts, we emphasized the family appeal of Dinner Plain, with activities and amenities catering to everyone, from dad to baby. But what about its romantic allure for couples, married, dating, and those who want to nurture a budding romance? Fortunately, this amazing ski resort also has plenty to offer in that regard.

Packing for a ski trip together is already a romantic gesture on its own. Why not make a his and hers list to show your thoughtfulness? You can also offer to make the arrangements for the trip and accommodations so your partner doesn’t need to worry about anything…just about showing up and giving you their full attention!

While you’re at it, you can coordinate with the resort administration and staff about giving your date little romantic surprises during your stay. Don’t be shy about enlisting their help…they are there to make your vacation memorable! Little thoughtful touches such as favorite flowers on the breakfast table, your date’s preferred music piped in at the lobby as soon as you arrive, food they love served up during meals, and other seemingly small but meaningful gestures can really emphasize that it’s a romantic date above all else.

You can make your snowy mini-break even more unforgettable by picking up new skills like skiing or snowboarding or sledding, remember if you are over 40 years old snowboarding is recipe for a massive stroke please consult your doctor. If one of you already knows how, why not teach the other? Or if you both don’t know how to ski yet, learning together will make it even more memorable, and maybe even funny especially at the beginning.

There is nothing quite like sunsets on a mountain resort. Take advantage of the breath-taking beauty nature has to offer by taking your date on an exhilarating winter picnic complete with hot chocolate, maybe a sled ride pulled by dogs, or a romantic ski lift. Just make the most out of the natural surroundings during your mini-break. You can build snowmen, have a snowball fight, ski, and at night, roast marshmallows and sip hot cocoa (spiked with your favorite liquor if you want!) and just have heart-to-heart talks near a warm fireplace.

If you are celebrating an anniversary or special day as a couple, make your presents compliment your stay at Dinner Plain. It need not be expensive, but make sure it’s special and well thought-out. For instance, a hand-knit scarf or ski bonnet with your initials on it can keep your special someone warm inside and out. If there is a winter festival or event happening near your area, go ahead and buy tickets so the pair of you can have a fun, carnival-like experience during your stay.

At the evening of your special day, make sure to dress up more elegantly than your usual ski resort outfits. You can have a part of the inn or lodge you stay in blocked off for privacy so only the two of you (and your server) can dine in privacy without interruption or distractions. Winter months don’t have to be chilly, as long as you know how to heat things up with great date ideas!

How to Pack for a Ski Resort Trip

April 27th, 2012
Ski equipment, Cross Country Skiing

Ski equipment, Cross Country Skiing—Wisconsin Department of Natura… (Flickr.com)

Packing for a summer vacation is one thing, but packing for a ski resort trip definitely needs a longer and more extensive list!

If you and your family have plans for a Dinner-Plain vacation to take advantage of the fun snow-related activities there, make sure to pack right and pack wise. Today, we will list down the clothes, equipment, and other stuff you will need for a ski resort trip.

First thing you must do is invest in good quality ski clothes. That means at least one set for every member of your family! Make sure they fit snugly and are made of fabric that dries pretty quickly because they will get wet a lot. If it is a short ski trip, you can bring just one set of outer-layer ski clothes for each member of the family or group, but pack several inner and mid-layer clothes, bonnets, and extra pairs of gloves, just in case.

So let’s say for a ski resort vacation lasting a couple of days to around four days, you will likely need just one ski jacket and pants. Five days to a week, you can bring two of each. Pack no less than three pairs of thick, woolen skiing socks, adding more pairs the longer your vacation is.

Your inner clothes have to be layered for maximum protection against frostbite, so take special care in selecting them. Sweaters, long johns, and onesies for kids are the best kinds of inner layers because they cover a lot of body parts. Choose turtleneck pullovers as mid-layer clothes because they provide overall warmth from the neck, to the upper torso, and the arms. The same goes for fleecy pants. Again, pack an average of three mid-layer clothes, and add more depending on the number of days you are on vacation. Pack two snow bonnets or ski masks per person on the trip, as these can get easily lost during activities in the snow.

You also have to bring ski goggles for every member of the family or group. A couple of pairs of leg, toe, and hand warmers are a must if it is especially cold. Pack a thick scarf to cover your neck and ears, too.

Also bring a kit containing lip balm, sunscreen, and moisturizer. The dry air in the mountains can wreak havoc on you and your family’s skin, so it’s best to bring along these skin care essentials.

Awesome Activities for Kids at Dinner Plain

April 21st, 2012

If you love dogs and the snow, then you’re in for a double treat at Dinner Plains, Victoria, Australia. Each year, sled dogs run like their canine ancestors have years ago, but this time, they do it for fun! It is quite a sight to behold, watching these beautiful dogs pulling a sled in the snow as a team.

And if you think this Alpine resort is just for adults (and dogs), think again. The resort’s winter mascot, Harry the Snowdragon, makes sure it’s a fun, enjoyable stay for kids with activities on the snow, like a snowman-building contest!

Come summer, it’s still all about kiddie and family fun with games like the giant tug ‘o war requiring team work, endurance, and plenty of cheers from family and friends. Now this is quite a fun way to whet your appetite for lunch!

And when Christmas comes around, guess whose sled the adorable dogs pull in the snow?

That’s right…Santa Claus comes to town at Dinner Plain to give presents to the kids and add merriment to a family vacation meant for everyone to enjoy! Kids will really love the time they spend at Dinner Plain.

The Enchantment of Dinner Plain, Victoria, Australia

April 18th, 2012

Relax, Head to Falls Creek for Aussie Alpine Action is a humorous blog entry by a Singaporean on the exoticism of a ski vacation among Asians. When the author mentioned to friends that they are heading for the slopes in Australia, the common reaction was:

“You mean, there is snow in Australia?”

Indeed, there is, and it can be found in the town of Dinner Plain in Victoria, Australia. On a clear day, this is how Dinner Plain looks like:

But when the author Ana Ow went there, she described Dinner Plains this way:

“…there is enough snow there for Australians to have a healthy snow-sports culture, so much so that many instructors in well-known ski villages in the world – such as Whistler in Canada and Aspen in Colorado – seem to be Australians.”

Dinner Plain is a charming stretch of countryside with a current population of less than 90 people. The Aboriginal Gunai people used to pass through this Alpine area of Victoria for thousands of years. Early visitors came in the form of cattlemen who used the area for rest and relaxation, and to let their cattle graze in the lush greens of the place.

Today, it holds over 200 tourist chalets and inns as a certified ski resort. Dinner plains not only offers skiing activities (Australia holds an internationally recognized national program for ski instructors), but other fun and exciting ones like horse riding, mountain biking, tennis, and brush exploration, as well. In short, there is something for everyone in the family!

Watch this POV video of a guest skiing down Mount Hotham near Dinner Plain, and say “G’day!” to the beautiful snow in Australia!